The Greatly-Hated But Mandatory “About Me” Post

Years ago, a co-worker asked for an e-mail that she could send to her musician friends who were looking for someone to fix their stuff.  I sent this text:

The Unbroken String         David Latchaw, EE

Mainly focused on difficult or unusual repairs on wooden stringed instruments such as guitars and basses, amplifiers of all technologies, sound gear such as mixers, amps, microphones, synths, MIDI, pedal boards, etc.

Consulting by appointment but dumb questions are always free.

Cell phone is:   two eight one – six three six – eight six two six   (spelled out to defeat the phone spam bots)


Now retired from professional electronics, I have somewhat better control of my time to focus on my music and supporting the music scene in Southeast Texas.  Working out of the shop in my home, The Unbrokenstring meets up with customers, Craigs-list-style, picking up and returning various bits of gear and equipment.  Everything is done by appointment.

I also make house calls.  Or, maybe I should say rehearsal room calls.  It is a true joy to meet many talented musicians who sometimes need a quick fix or just a second opinion on a setup problem or an intermittent issue that ‘changes’ when the item is hauled off to a service center.

As I said, ‘dumb questions are always free.’  Do not hesitate to send me a text.  If you call and I don’t pick up immediately, please leave a message.  I hate to talk on the phone and attempt to drive my truck.  And if your number is not a number that I recognize, I just assume that it’s someone ignoring the Do Not Call List again and I may not answer it.  But leave a message anyway.  Thanks!