Boosta-Grande Pedal Repair

We did a quick-and-easy foot switch repair on this gain pedal.  Here’s the scoop:

The operation of this pedal was intermittent.  The switch didn’t click anymore.  Yup.  Probably just needs a foot switch.


The foot switch is on its own circuit board.  This switch is a latching, 3 pole double throw unit.  A ribbon cable carries all the lines between the terminals of the switch and the rest of the electronics.


The circuit board was carefully de-soldered using braid wick and lots of flux.  We’re ready for the new switch.


Here is the switch…  or what’s left of it.  The pedal enclosure was holding everything together.


The new switch was installed so that a minimum amount of threads were exposed on the top side.


The switch was adjusted so that the terminals on the switch lined up with the slots in the circuit board.


Everything lines up where it should.  See, I said that this would be easy!


The chef ordered new solder fillets all around!


An easy fix, and this boost pedal is VERY clean.  We’re done here!

Thanks for reading!

CONTACT – David Latchaw  EE