Quick Output Jack Tune-up On Martin X Custom

Near the top of the heap of all acoustic guitars available today (yes, I know, I’m a Gibson Guy) is the Martin X Custom.

This beautiful specimen had a loose output jack and was suffering from a low battery.  Let’s take a look!

The gang at Jealous Creatures use this guitar for songwriting and performing.  Check their Website at www.jealouscreatures.com  !

The output jack masquerades as a strap pin.  The loose nut is underneath this trim bushing.  Here we go!

The strings need to come off so that we can get inside the guitar.  While we’re there, we will replace the battery.

With the trim ring out of the way, we can see the actual nut that needs to be tightened.  However, there is another nut inside the guitar.  I want to pull the jack and readjust the number of exposed threads so that everything is secure.

If the inside of the guitar is to the left, this is the washer stack-up.  The inside nut is still threaded on the jack.

Here is a fresh commercial/industrial battery, placed inside a Velcro bag.  This sticks inside the body of the guitar where another piece of Velcro is fastened.  Note that we need to do a little ‘lead dress’ to get all the wires out of sight!

The piezo pickup lives under the saddle, inside the copper braid that you ‘might’ see down in the bottom of the slot.

Re-assembled, squared away, restrung, and tuned to pitch. This is a beautiful guitar and sounds great!

Speaking of sounding great, check Jealous Creatures at their Web site and on Facebook !


Contact: David Latchaw  EE