Bugera V22 Infinium Combo Amp Repair

This beautiful combo amp excels in all categories except one…  no audio out.  Could the Unbrokenstring Crew help?

Taking a walk-around, the rear panel tells us that this amp was built in Macao, PRC.

Good corporate branding…

The TRIODE/PENTODE switch is advertised as a ‘half-power/full-power’ switch.  The LEDs labelled “Tube Life Monitoring” light up when the fuse in the plate circuit open, due to an internal short in the tubes.

Looking down from the end shows a handsome front panel with the Very Cool chicken head knobs.

The top view of the chassis shows us another good instance of strong corporate branding. I do like the protective cage over the vacuum tubes.

Here we get a good look at the bottom of the main circuit board.  I am not a big fan of soldering tube sockets straight into a circuit board, but this seems to work here.

Most everything on this side of the circuit board appears to be OK.

I was documenting the location and orientation of these cables, in case we needed to further disassemble the unit.

These solder joints appear to be cold.  We have found our intermittent ‘no sound’ cause!

Every other solder joint is removed, fluxed, then resoldered.

Ah, that’s better!

Ironic that just a couple of cold solder joints would bring this wonderful combo amp to its knees. This guy is 100% now!

Thanks for reading all the way to the end!

CONTACT – David Latchaw EE