Pignose 7-100 Mini-Amp Refurb

This battery-powered portable amplifier is a novelty item seen in offices, bedrooms, and showrooms around the country.  This little guy doesn’t work anymore.  Could the Unbrokenstring Crew make it work again?

01PIG the patientThe pig’s nose is the on-off/volume control.  The input jack is just below the nose.

02PIG insideInside, we find a loudspeaker and battery box on the left, and the electronics and some cord storage on the right.

03PIG missing nutThis nut is missing.  Oh boy, this is Big Trouble in Little China.

04PIG acid everywhereThe cover over the electronics shows signs of corrosion, probably from battery acid.

05PIG found nutGood news!  We found the missing nut.

06PIG jacksThis panel is on one side.  Surprisingly, the power jack is ‘old technology’ and probably should be the same connector as seen on effect pedals.  But, hey, they didn’t ask me.

07PIG nameRankSerialThis metal piece secures the battery boxes in place.  Name, rank, and serial number please.

08PIG new bat boxThe original battery box was trash, so these units were procured.  Six batteries give us nine volts.  These x3 packs are necessary to fit into the space provided.

09PIG acid here tooCaustic chemicals from the leaking batteries were conducted, via capillary action, over to the amplifier side of the box.  A new pair of red and black wires were fished through the umbilical, replacing the corroded wires.

10PIG wired boxesHere, the new battery boxes are wired into the unit’s harness.

11PIG fitting boxesThe battery boxes rest on a metal bracket, which also serves as a noise shield over the volume control and input jack.

12PIG Strain reliefThis grommet serves as a strain relief for this end of the umbilical cable.

13PIG looking goodThis pic just shows how the leads are dressed. This unit is small, and the wires need to go into their correct places in order to close the unit up when we’re through.

14PIG watch lead dressThese red and black wires can be pinched between the case and the metal plate, so they need to be pulled up and out of the way before the screws are tightened down.

16PIG clean ampWe find the preamp and amp in the other side of the unit. The small assembly seen at the bottom is back side of the power jack and the ‘preamp out’ jack.

17PIG reinstall ampThis assembly was covered with caustic chemicals from the leaked batteries.  Miraculously, these transformers were not damaged.  Everything cleaned up very well.

18PIG cover onThis cover shields the amp and jacks.  We’re done here.

19PIG batteriesA fresh set of batteries and a twist of the knob puts this unit back on the air.  Time to call the customer!

Thanks for reading all the way to the end!

CONTACT – David Latchaw EE