Taming Your Sheet Music

From time to time, my students has problems with single sheets of musical staff paper blowing off their music stands.  So, the Unbroken String Crew came up with this solution:


We grabbed a manila folder and placed the sheet music on the folder.


Note that the sheets are almost as large as the manila folders.

SheetMusic2So, with a pair of scissors, we trimmed off the margin around the music staff.

SheetMusic4Now that the margins are trimmed, we have some space for some invisible tape.

SheetMusic5We position the sheets so that the edges are well away from the edge of the manila folder.  Can you see the invisible tape?  I can’t either.

SheetMusic6Sheet music that covers only two pages can be taped inside the manila folder.  For scores that exceed two pages, another manila folder is cut apart to make an inside page ‘carrier.’

SheetMusic7Here, both sides of the cut-down manila folder inner page are used to hold sheet music.


And would you believe, the whole thing can be folded shut and stored in a file cabinet?  And the title and composer info can go on the tab?  Who would have thought?

Sometimes the simple solution is the best solution.  As we sometimes play outside, or in front of fans, single sheets of paper are Bad News.  This little trick weighs down each sheet and keeps it flat.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom!

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