Vintage Electro-Harmonix Memory Man Pedal Refurb

A good friend of UnbrokenString wanted this unit checked out. After some years of dis-use, it was time for this pedal to get ‘back into the loop’ as it were…

One never sees this style of construction anymore.  The sheet metal box has given way in favor of the die-cast boxes used today.  An attached AC cord is almost never seen on pedals, but the DC power adapter, or 9v battery, has taken its place.  This is a piece of history!

These are the in/out jacks and an AC power switch.

No set screws here, but rather the D-shaped holes in the knobs are lined with metal to toughen them up.

This foot switch needs a little attention. The nut is a thin locking ring, and absorbs the entire pressure of the foot when the switch is ‘stomped.’

The printed circuit board is single-sided, with jumper wires installed as-needed to complete the circuity.

The CMOS logic and the delay line are socketed.

The ubiquitous 1458 dual operational amplifier makes an appearance in this circuit.

Let’s straighten out that stomp switch. In this picture, I’ve used some hard plastic sheets to protect the face of the pedal from the sharp edges found on the jaws of my pliers. Those sharp edges are necessary to get a good grip on the jammed knurled nut.

This is when I’m glad I have that hard plastic in place, or I’d really be making a mess of things.  The knurled nut is coming off for the last time.  It’s headed into the recycle bin as the threads are ruined.

For cleanup duties, I really like the Gibson guitar polish. No matter how delicate the finish, the polish seems to clean and condition any surface without leaving a detectable residue behind. It makes sense that something made for guitars that cost more than my car would be good stuff.

A larger nut and washer spread out the pressure applied on the stomp switch.

If you ever get a chance to fool around with one of these, you will delight in the cool sounds and effects of which it is capable. I was honored to be able to recondition this unit and spend some quality time with it cabled between my guitar and amp. Highly recommended!!

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom!

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